The 5 Best Types of Corporate Videos for Your Business

Last updated: 12-13-2017

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The 5 Best Types of Corporate Videos for Your Business

Brochures, direct mail, presentation folders, press releases, and print ads are outdated marketing trends. We won’t stress the importance of video marketing for your business, but it’s needed. This is where producing corporate videos come in handy. You might wonder, what is the purpose of corporate video production? Well, the objective of corporate video is to achieve your business goals. So why do you need a corporate video? Well, engaging your audience is a major key to building brand success and company culture. In a previous blog post which you should also read, we discussed the benefits of corporate video production for your business, company, association or organization. Now, we’ll talk about the 5 best types of corporate videos that will benefit your business!

There’s really no reason that you shouldn’t have a company overview video created. The about us or company overview video is at the top of the list for our 5 best types of corporate videos. The reason why is it’s a professional and effective way to introduce your company to potential clients, customers, employees, and stakeholders. The viewer can get a real idea about your company’s objective and history. It can be regarded as the first impression. That makes it vital for every business to have one available. Your company overview video can be as short as 60 seconds to five minutes in length. We recommend to have it be about two to three minutes in length to maintain retention. You should include your CEO, management, and staff members, and your location in the company overview video. But, here’s a great corporate video tip for you. Make sure the company overview video tells a good story and showcases your organizational values and culture. The best company videos keep it real, so don’t think you have to be someone that you are not. Have a look at one of our corporate video examples.

A good brand video will show off your company online. They need to get your target audience excited at the sight of your brands name. How to make a brand video work in our eyes is to make it personable with a powerful story. We also suggest to keep it short, precise, and composed. This will make your brand video hook the viewer. Due to its briefness, brand videos do extremely well on social media. It’s a promotional video production service that’s a very handy tool that every business should draw on.

Explainer videos are meant to be short and to the point and generate increased interest. They aren’t product demonstrations. They aren’t intended to go viral like a brand video. It’s corporate video content that will not be focused on your company like an about us video. An explainer video should sell your message in an entertaining way because if it’s fun it will be an effective promotional tool. Even though you want to sell your message to the audience, you want to avoid having the explainer video turn into a commercial production. You want to build a connection with your target audiences thoughts, not turn them away. Explainers are perfect for social media posts and without a doubt one of the 5 best types of corporate videos for your business marketing.

You might wonder how to gain customer trust and confidence. Well, in our honest opinion, outside of a company overview video, we think customer testimonials is the most important on of our 5 best types of corporate videos list. A testimonial video is an effective marketing tool because you have real people vouching for your business. You it’s an opportunity to sell what you do from an outside perspective. They work so much better than written reviews because we get to see a face praise your product or service. A testimonial video production will add value to your business. We go more into detail with a blog post about How to Improve Your Business with an Effective Testimonial Video. Also have a look at a reel of our best testimonial videos below!

Last but not least on our list of the 5 best types of corporate videos for your business is training video production. Corporate training videos are generally for internal use. They can be absolutely instrumental in the growth of your business. They can focus on the development of your employees’ skills and expertise thus sky rocketing your company’s entire productiveness. The best training videos are made in a way not to bore those that watch, but to teach, inform, and improve performance and effectiveness. You may wonder, how to make training videos work for you? Well, just like a company overview video, have the tone match the culture of your company. If you’re the CEO, manager, or marketing director, just think for a moment. How is a boring training video going to build your company the way you see fit? Training videos don’t have to be boring, so understand the audience and avoid having a bland one produced. The best company training videos engage and teach your audience!

Ok, this article is supposed to provide you with the 5 best types of corporate videos for your business, but we want you to come back for more after remembering we gave you more than what you asked for. A lot of companies have events throughout the year. In fact, many corporate events such as Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Parties, and Award Ceremonies are held right here in Orlando, Florida. A lot of corporate event planners send us requests for videographers in Orlando to document their upcoming functions. Regardless of where you’re having your corporate function, videography plays a major role in showcasing a positive light of your event. It’s a great way to promote your next event as well. A lot of different types of video content can be done too. We already discussed testimonial videos, but a highlight video of the event should be mandatory. Here’s a corporate event highlight video that we produced of the Prima Eye Group 2015 annual meeting at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

Well, there you have it. We’ve provided you with the 5 best types of corporate videos for business as well as a good bonus tip. Corporate video production offers great possibilities for your business, company, association or organization via growth, outreach, productivity and support. Don’t just DIY or hire anyone for corporate video production services either. Find the right video production company to provide the corporate video production services. That’s the last of our corporate video tips for now. Hopefully you now see why why corporate video is important for your company. We really hope that you enjoyed reading our 5 best types of corporate videos for your business.

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