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Why Don't Videos Rank the Same on Google and YouTube?

Last updated: 07/22/2017

Count on it: Google is going to optimize for the best combination of user experience/satisfaction (market share) and revenue on each of its platforms. What users expect on YouTube

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Why This Tech CEO Keeps Hiring Humanities Majors

Last updated: 07/20/2017

Why This Tech CEO Keeps Hiring Humanities Majors By Michael Litt 5 minute Read The push to teach kids coding and technology now extends even to Sesame Street. The venerable childre

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The Significant Seven Social Video Platforms of 2017

Last updated: 07/12/2017

The Significant Seven Social Video Platforms of 2017 Featured Insights Did you see the 2016 movie, The Magnificent Seven, which was a remake of the 1960 western of the same name, w

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing to Drive More Sales

Last updated: 07/12/2017

If you own or work for an e-commerce store, there are three goals you need to keep in mind: 1. Driving more traffic2. Helping your customers buy more products 3. Helping your cust

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5 Key Elements of a Perfect Product Video

Last updated: 07/09/2017

We get that question a lot. The thing is, it’s not always easy to understand what Mention does, what media monitoring is, or how we make your life easier. So we decided to creat

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16 Video Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Traffic - CoSchedule

Last updated: 07/08/2017

What’s the one thing people want aside from love and acceptance? More web traffic, of course! Okay, maybe that’s overstating the case. But what marketers don’t covet more qua

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Fireside Chat: RISE Speaker Michael Litt, Co-Founder of Vidyard

Last updated: 07/07/2017

The University of Waterloo Hong Kong Foundation welcomes RISE attendees, Waterloo alumni, Canadians and the Hong Kong start-up community to a fireside chat with RISE speaker Michae

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How video ad quality affects campaign performance on Facebook

Last updated: 07/06/2017

These days, everyone seems to be doing video advertising — and for good reason. Video ads are a great way to get people to pay attention to your business and attract new custome

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Is Snapchat-Style Video The Productivity Tool Your Team’s Been Missing?

Last updated: 06/25/2017

My dad was a kind and gentle man. The only time I saw him flustered was when the phone rang during dinnertime. He’d snatch up the receiver and lecture the telemarketer on the oth

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“Marketing a Feeling” with Video

Last updated: 06/14/2017

The Brandywine Valley SPCA staffknows that email marketing is the best way to build strong, long-lasting connections with their donors, clinic clients, and volunteers. The Pennsylv

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