This Week, From the Street!

Last updated: 10-25-2017

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This Week, From the Street!

Lots of activity on the street this week with Broadcasting & Cable’s NYC TV Week winding down today. Tony Yi, Videology’s GM, Strategic Commercial Business Development, spoke on a panel at B&C’s Advanced Advertising Summit on the topic of programmatic TV. Tony was joined by other leaders in the space like AdMore, Videa, The Trade Desk and Cross MediaWorks.

The panel was thought-provoking and really explored the current state of programmatic TV, and where the industry is headed. Some key insights that came out of the panel, as well as points that came from other notable presentations at the event, include:

Lots of interesting fodder! We were also at IAB Canada’s Digital Marketing Summit, where Rory Gilliland, Senior Account Executive at Videology, spoke about “Two Truths and a Lie about Video Advertising.” He discussed the latest trends and most successful approaches to driving brand results in the converging world of TV and video content.

In other news, we heard from the street this week that education and clarity is what is holding us back as an industry. If we want to move in the converged way of doing business, in order to succeed, we need to stop creating artificial barriers and start talking in a way that establishes a norm.

Consider the terms “advanced TV” or even “programmatic”;  we hear both terms being used in our industry constantly, yet the definitions are often different. This is part of the reason that we issue our educational Knowledge Labs, because they break down complicated industry terms and make them digestible and clear.

If we can break down all of the noise and come into the marketplace with a clear message, the industry as a whole can be on the same page.

Until next time – have a good weekend ahead!

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