What CEOs really want from L&D

Last updated: 04-30-2018

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What CEOs really want from L&D

This blog is about helping L&D to modernise how they deliver their L&D service. We specialise in helping L&D teams better support their staff with modern learning options and to drive performance improvement across the business. 

Donald Taylor from the Learning and Performance Institute spoke at one of our events on helping L&D to modernise their service provision. He focused on - what your CEO really wants from L&D and how to deliver it. Donald's presentation discussed these questions

Much has changed in L&D (or training departments as most people know them as), in the last 5-10 years. Not least that training budgets have been slashed. And this is a common pattern – when times are hard, training departments seem to be the first hit. Generally, this is because the people at the top don’t directly see the value L&D bring to the business. It is also because expectations of training and learning & development professionals haven't changed that much since most of us went to school. When we enter the world of work, many of us still expect a 'class' or a 'course' to tell us what to do.  Some of our participants commented that while senior leadership often talk about 'people being important', they don't always follow that through with action.

Question 4: ‘being on the grid' , Donald was referring to this:

So, for example, if you worked for an organisation who were slow to respond to market challenges, and your L&D team just did typical training events, then as an organisation you likely face a comfortable extinction. Most likely, you are busy doing the wrong things.

Donald used the examples of Kodak and Instagram. Kodak, an organisation who invented modern digital photography, went out of business recently - so they have already faced extinction. Instagram, likely to be Learning leaders, took a fresh, modern and social approach to how people use everyday photography. They were sold to Facebook for $1 Billion.

Most of our participants identified themselves as either Unacknowledged prophets or Learning leaders. The consensus was that they knew the role of modern learning strategy and learning techniques but sometimes faced barriers from others who didn't get it.

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The final section of Donald’s presentation focused on Performance Consulting. This was starting point to help L&D overcome some of the barriers they faced. If L&D could find a way to show business leaders they could help to solve the real business problems, the CEO is more likely to take notice of the value they can add.  This Performance Consulting piece looked at the great work of Nigel Harris, a UK-based pioneer in Performance Consulting. You can read more about Nigel here.

We had some great contributions from our participants. A key skill identified for working in L&D in this 21st century is negotiation and influencing. If L&D are not happy that their voices are being heard at a senior level, then better negotiating and influencing skills are key to this.

One participant told of how he watched a London jeweller sell the best engagement ring to suit his fianceé. After his fianceé picked out an initial choice and said she wanted something like that, but she wasn't completely sure about that particular one, the conversation went like this: (not the exact words – slightly summarised)

Listening for the right information

By using simple a selling technique and reflective listening, we can help people towards decisions that they may not have thought of. When the lady went into the shop, she didn’t know what she wanted - or at best, she had a vague idea of her likes and dislikes. In workplace learning, L&D can 'sell' better solutions by working hard with the people they serve to uncover their needs.

Imagine having this conversation with someone who comes to you saying “I want a course on…..”

Listening to people and showing that you really care about their needs helps to build trust, rapport and credibility.  I’ll finish on a useful metaphor that one of our participants gave us:

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