How to Get High-Paying SEO Clients: Facebook Live with Chris M. Walker

Last updated: 04-29-2018

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How to Get High-Paying SEO Clients: Facebook Live with Chris M. Walker

Landing a high-paying SEO client for your digital agency can be a challenge. I often see agency owners charging too little for their services, or trying to target an extremely broad niche (and then failing to generate any actual leads as a result!)

That’s why I teamed up with SEO expert and founder of the digital agency Superstar SEO Chris M. Walker for an “Ask Me Anything” Facebook Live inside his free Facebook community, also called Superstar SEO.

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During our Facebook Live interview, Chris and I answered over a dozen questions from marketing entrepreneurs and SEO agency owners. Watch the replay now to discover:

Watch the full live video on how to get high-paying SEO clients here:

Just like my free Facebook group, Mod Agency Insiders, Chris’ group (Superstar SEO) is a powerful resource for marketing entrepreneurs. Chris founded the group in 2016 and has already scaled it to over 18,000 members interested in learning more about SEO. Marketers of all levels are encouraged to post their questions about SEO in the group, and Chris is in there every day answering those questions, sharing valuable posts, and publishing videos.

In addition, Chris hosts Facebook Live sessions just like this one frequently inside Superstar SEO. If you’re interested in learning more about SEO and accessing more of his valuable knowledge, join the free Facebook group here.

Members of Superstar SEO asked questions on a wide variety of topics, from how we price our services to how they can stand out among the countless SEO agencies out there that aren’t offering true value.

One member in particular asked how to go about landing a new client who had asked about a discount. “I don’t ever offer special prices for anything,” explained Chris, “because it sets the precedent that you’re willing to cut your price down and they’re going to keep expecting discounts forever.”

We also discussed the importance of having a human element in everything you do if you want to get high-paying SEO clients. There are thousands of SEO agencies out there, and if you want to get more SEO clients, you have to be able to stand out. By niching down, speaking directly to your dream client, and actually coming across as human — all while offering true value — you’ll be able to land those high-paying clients.

Listen to all of our advice on how to get high-paying SEO clients in the 45-minute Facebook Live replay.

I host Facebook Live sessions just like this one every month inside my free Facebook community, Mod Agency Insiders.

We’re a community of 2,500+ marketing entrepreneurs sharing ideas, exchanging feedback, and helping each other grow. And with over half of our members active every single month, this is not one of those spammy group that bombards you with promo posts from its members. We carefully vet each new member and post to ensure the group is 100% value.

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