39 Awesome April Marketing Ideas to Inspire: FREE Download!

Last updated: 03-01-2018

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39 Awesome April Marketing Ideas to Inspire: FREE Download!

In the Northern Hemisphere, most folks are sick of Winter and are ready to welcome some lovely Spring imagery. Do you offer something that would help followers experience a “rebirth” in their life, home, or business? Tap into this theme of renewal. It’s also a big month for gardening, growing, and “greening,” with Earth Day and Arbor Day. Perhaps your theme this month could be growth or conservation. If none of this resonates with your business, there are lots more ideas to choose from! You can even get them in a super-simple to follow format, which you’ll hear more about further down. Pin or tweet, then read on!

Do any of these 12 month-long holidays resonate with your business and audience?

Plan a promotion that could include a blog post series, sales and discounts, social media posts, contests and more.

8 more ideas: These holidays last for a week(ish). Dates are correct for 2018 and will be updated each year.

Two big holidays in April are April Fools Day and Easter. The 1st is always April Fools, and this year it’s also Easter Sunday.

If it suits your brand personality, have some fun with April Fools! Heard of ShuberX?

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Here are some favorite special days this month:

Dates below are correct for 2018 and will be updated each year.

Dozens more in my Planner. See below!

There are truly holidays for every business and personality. Some days have as many as 8 to choose from!

As I mentioned in the article on Weird Holidays, there are a lot of places online where you can look up hundreds of fun holidays to connect with your followers.

But I can make that easier for you! I’ve consulted several of these sites and cross-checked the info, so you don’t have to.

Then I put the most engaging ideas in a handy, printable Social Media Content Planner.

Plus, I’ve included ideas on how to use them! And a strategy to ensure that your business promotion gets scheduled first. Then fill in with fun holidays to keep your audience engaged!

Purchase this instant download PDF on a convenient monthly subscription plan. Download next month’s calendar today! Your next issue will be available on the first of the month. (Drop me a line if you need other options).

Or just grab the FREE April one-sheet content inspiration calendar. One prompt per day, plus room to write in your own ideas on how you’ll use it.

You can simply download the low-res version by right-clicking on the image above. Or get a high-resolution printable PDF in the Free Members area!

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What do you think? Which April marketing ideas work for your business?

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